Fire Alarm system and extinguishment with inert gas in CED room

Multinational corporation specialized in machineries for producing single-use sanitary products.


Realize fire alarm systems and automatic extinguishment with inert gas in a CED area.


According to the current laws, we have planned, dimensioned and installed both smoke detector system and automatic estinguishment system with gas Nytrargon at 300 bar.
Raised floors, ceiling and dropped ceiling have been covered with sensors and nozzles, depending on an analogue smoke sensor centre, that also managed a minor centre for inert gas extinguishment.
In this way we assured our customers a full reliability on the system, guaranteed by the system certification, by wall compartmentation and by the arrest of the air conditioning system, and above all by the "door fan test", that simulates the functionality of the whole system with a real test, according to the laws. {addthis off}