Fire alarm system

Multinational corporation specialized in producing sanitary products with several offices all over the world; in Abruzzo with about 1.000 workers in a 70.000 sm facility.


Cover the whole facility and offices with a fire alarm and evacuation system with its managing software.


According to the current laws, we have planned and installed optic smoke sensors in the offices and in the dropped ceiling, optic barriers in the facility and rate-of-rise heat detectors in the dusty areas; just one managing platform with graphic map specifies both the state of the devices and their malfunctions and/or anomalies, giving also the possibility to interact moving other relays.
The system has been interfaced with an alarm system that guarantees the smart evacuation of the office and facility areas, guaranteeing fluidity and speed during the evacuation, and above all being sure that all the people that were in were properly out at the drop-off points.