Planning and installation of a home automation system in a prestigious apartment in Pescara

A prestigious apartment in Pescara, fully refurbished, is the exclusive location for a very important home automation system and audio-video entertainment system.


The main need of the owners is to have an up-to-date technology, but also a non-invasive and easy technology.


Integration and control of all the technological systems of the house, controlling the several functionalities (lightning, air conditioning, automatisms, irrigation) and entertainment, security and video surveillance, that’s why we used a custom solution of a very high technical and aesthetic level. To manage the whole house, HAI brand solutions have been chosen, that through user interfaces on the wall (12” touchscreen, 3’’ multifunctional keyboard) and portable devices (iPad, iPhone) can control very easily all the systems in the house and through just one managing device, iPad/iPhone, local or remote. Independent and customizable managing of the scenes.
There was a great effect result, because we could blend comfort, security and eco-safe.


  • Tv LCD in HT room, dining room, main bedroom, other bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen;
  • Independence of every tvc under the concept “audio/video”;
  • Decoder DVB-S and Mac Mini as source, and BD.
  • Multiroom audio in 15 areas, internal and external;
  • Design Speaker on the wall.
  • House automation on bus Konnex for controlling lights, air conditioning and motorizations;
  • Integration for security supervision (alarms and CCTV) and entertainment (multiroom);
  • Controlling Graphic interface in industrial PC on the wall and Apple iPad.
Working time:

Planning: 22 days - Realization: 40 days

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