EasyTech Certifications

The System Integrator is profession specialized in the realization of complex solutions, such as the co-operation between two different systems for creating a new operational facility. Because of that, Easy Tech thinks that it is very important to invest in formation and development, to propose new efficient and operational solutions.

The obtained certifications guarantee the Easy Tech competence about the management of the internal quality, about the continuous improvement in the system maintenance and installation, and about the periodic staff formation.

We guarantee: a Specialized Manpower service, a high organizational capability and 24/7 assistance.

Certified competence

Easy Tech has the ISO 9001 certification. It guarantees that the company works according to a standardized process system, that certifies reliability and rule respect.

Careful about the current regulations, to work in respect of the implementation decrees, Easy Tech, with the decree D.M. n. 37/2008 (about reorganizing the disposal of the device installations inside the facilities), has nominated its own technical manager.

Just products with IMQ and TÜV SÜD certifications

IMQ is an Italian firm for certifications about security and quality of products and companies. IMQ judges the compliance through national legislative rules, also adopting EU guideline.

TÜV SÜD is an independent certification company, one of the best known German brand all around the world, an acronym that has become synonym of: security, guarantee and reliability.