We, as Easy Tech, are able to fulfill every request with focused solutions in different fields, the main application are:

Integrated security systems for private

Thanks to our specialized technician through an inspection of the house, we identify the need and we create a plan ad hoc for every kind of house and budget. Our offer for private includes anti-intrusion security systems and video surveillance systems, that can be integrated with home automations, remote controllable and connectable to several devices: smartphone and tablet.

Integrated security systems for business, public sector, Hotels and B&B

Every company, hotel or other activities have to protect their coworker and their goods, in addition to improving access managing for business areas and optimizing their energy consumption.

For that, we, as Easy Tech, through our team of experts and technicians, propose solutions for:

Pharmaceutical industries
Chemical industries
Food industries
Military sector
Aeronautical sector
Hotels and B&B