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This document is for informing about the procedures followed for the collection of information given by the uses when they use this website, through cookies and/or other monitoring technology.
The website visitors can disable in their browser the functionality of cookies tracking, but in some cases it can cause malfunctioning on the use of this website.

General information about regulations

Art. 122 of D. Lgs. 196/2003 in the Italian legal system is a European Legislation that imposes website managers that use cookies or other monitoring technology to inform the user about the kind of cookie used in the website, and to ask the authorization of the user to send this cookie on the user’s device and/or the access to the information in it.
The only exception on asking this authorization is the cookies strictly necessary for the website managing, that is the supply of the services asked by the user.

General information about cookies

We use cookies in some areas of this website. Cookies are text files that store information on user’s hard drives or in the browser, and they allow to check if the user has already been on the website and the most visited pages, because they register which pages have been visited and the permanence time on them.

To change the cookies preferences, because of the differences in the default of each browser used to access the internet, you should click on “Help” in your browser to know how to do it. Here some link of the main used browsers with the explanation about managing or disabling cookies:

Kind of used cookies

This are the kind of cookies used on this website:

  • Session “Technical cookies” for authentication (website managing, reserved area, cookies authorization);
  • “Third-party cookies” for monitoring (Google Analytics);
  • “Third-party cookies” represented by “Social Plug-in”;
  • “Third-party cookies” for displaying embedding videos (Youtube).

Technical cookies

The use of technical cookies, necessary for transmitting electronic communication and necessary to the supplier for dispensing the service requested by the customer, allows the safe and efficient fruition of our web site.
Session cookies can be installed to permit the access and the permanence in the reserved area as authenticated user.
Technical cookies are necessary for the right operation of our domain and they are used to let the users have a normal web surfing and the possibility of using advanced services available on our website. The used technical cookies can be session cookies, saved just during the web surfing until the browser is closed, and persistent cookies, saved in the memory of the user’s device until their expiration or cancellation by the user. Our website uses this technical cookies:

  • session technical cookies, used to manage the normal web surfing and authentication of the user;
  • functional technical cookies, used to memorize personalization chosen by the user, such as, for example, the language;
  • analytics technical cookies, used to know how the users surf our website so that we can evaluate and improve the operation.

Third-party cookies for monitoring (Google Analytics)

Third-party cookies for monitoring can be disabled with no consequences on web surfing the website.

This website, for this kind of cookies, use the Google Analytics service provided by the Google, Inc. company (from now on it will be called “Google”) to generate statistics about the use of the web portal. Google Analytics uses no-third-party cookies that don’t save personal data. The place of the data treatment is the United States of America.

For Google Analytics information please visit this website

For Google privacy regulation please visit this website

Third-party cookies represented by social plugin

Third-party cookies represented by social plug-in are about parts of the visited page generated by social networks (for example Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) and integrated in the page of the hosting website. The most common use of the social plug-in is for sharing contents in these social networks.
This plug-ins transmit cookies from and to all the third-party websites.
For a better transparency, here are the websites with information about different social networks and with the modality of cookies managing.

Third-party cookies for displaying embedding videos (Youtube)

Third-party cookies for displaying embedding videos can be disabled with no consequences on web surfing the website.
This website, for this kind of Cookies, use the Youtube service provided by the Google, Inc. company (from now on it will be called “Google”) to display videos. Youtube uses no-third-party cookies that don’t save personal data. The place of the data treatment is the United States of America.

For Youtube information please visit this website

For Youtube privacy regulation please visit this website

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