Fire Alarm System

We install and supply a cutting-edge radio fire alarm system, including a wide range of devices, in addition to the possibility of mixed installations.

As Easy Tech, we accurately analyze the location to protect, so we can guarantee the respect of the current regulations and the complete reliability of the proposed systems.

Usage of the Fire Alarm Systems

All our fire alarm systems can be used in several locations, such as: factories, private houses, pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, food industries and both aeronautics and military, in addition to B&B and hotels.

It is very important for the living of the location to use the fire alarm systems with other devices, as for example the use of fireproof materials. A good fire alarm system is clearly required by firefighters.

Today the insurance companies offer very convenient conditions for people who install fire alarm systems and fire sensors. Furthermore, some insurance companies guarantee the total reimbursement of the possible damages caused by the fire, as long as the system respects characteristics and standard specified in the current regulation and in the insurance, both in the planning and in the maintenance.

Regulation about the fire alarm systems

The devices that form all our fire alarm systems are in compliance with the current regulations, that have to respect the standard compulsorily, to facilitate the intervention of external rescuers and firefighters in case of alarm.

All our sensors are in compliance with the European regulation EN54 that establishes its technical and physical characteristics.

All our fire alarm systems are in compliance with the regulation UNI-9795 that establishes in Italy the standard’s respect for the disposition of the sensors and the warning devices.

Centrale di rilevazione

Sensor Console

The heart of the automatic fire sensor is the managing console EN54-2 and EN54-4, available from 1 to 4 loops, with possible network connection, to allow the system upgrade and its monitoring about the several kinds of installation.

Other expansion packs allow the growth of the protected area or the communication distance among the devices, to guarantee their communication also in difficult locations.


The sensors can be: optic, heat, multiparameter (optic and heat). All of them have the possibility of the sensibility control, to guarantee the ideal solution for every kind of installation.

The optic sensor, thanks to a particular protection, protects the device from dust and/or small insects. An algorithm balances out the sensibility of the device for the dirt, to reduce the frequency of maintenance.


In the heat sensor, the balance of temperature guarantees a stable and reliable operation, both at low or high temperature.

The multiparameter sensor, through a sophisticated algorithm, analyzes both the smoke quantity and the temperature, before alarming or not.

All the sensors have a likable outline and can be easily installed.

Alarm devices

The alarm devices can be: acoustic, optic, or mixed (acoustic and optic).

All the products are available for being installed on walls or in the sensor base.

Several colors are available and they can be installed outside.

Dispositivi di allarme



The interface modules have entry and exit modules, so that the system can manage and control informations coming from special systems or particular signals.

A special interface allows conventional areas to be integrated.


Additional devices are available, such as: buttons, entry and exit modules, sirens and optic actuator, etc.

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