We offer a wide range of protective systems applicable in several locations: residential, military, industrial and energy.

Traditional anti-intrusion systems

Traditional anti-intrusion systems

This kind of systems are recommended during the building period of a property, since it is possible to prepare the property for the system. All the system is made by cables and it has a low-tension power source.

With attention, it is possible to install less invasive systems in buildings already inhabited without construction works.

Impianti di antintrusione wireless

Wireless anti-intrusion systems

Recommended for inhabited properties, because this kind of installation doesn’t need construction works. The alarm system is wireless and it is fuelled by batteries in every device. These systems are for both internal settings (contacts, windows/doors, volumetric sensors) and external settings (infrared barriers, external volumetric sensors).

Impianti antintrusione misti

Mixed anti-intrusion systems

This kind of systems can be adapted to every need.

Through this kind of systems, cables can be used where there is the possibility, otherwise, where it is diffucult to install a connection, a wireless device can be used.

All the anti-intrusion systems installed by Easy Tech can be easily expandable, and they can be remote managed and controlled through connection to its device, such as: PC, Smartphone and Tablet.