Building Automation

Building Automation

We install building Automation systems for optimization and better operation of buildings, such as the improvement of energy efficiency and the reduction of the costs.

You have building automation adding to the traditional plan of a building the implementation of a computer system, and thanks to it you can optimize services through organization, managing and interaction among systems.

Our Building Automation systems

We propose methods for managing small, medium or large systems with multifunctional central units and software for checking different kinds of subsystems.

Sistemi di Building Automation

The coordination of subsystems that compose the system is assigned to a supervision and integrated control system, chosen by the size of the system and the characteristics of the subsystems, that can supervise and check every parameter of the intelligence regulatory.

Building Automation for business and private

We install Building Automation systems in industrial buildings, hotels, business, B&B and private houses.

Building Automation per aziende e privati

Our systems allow to check automatically and in a rationalized way different functions: such as:

  • air conditioning;
  • humidity control;
  • heating;
  • lighting;
  • security;
  • energy and electric load control.
We, as Easy Tech, support our customers in every aspect: from planning to installation until the choice of the elements, to adapt them for every nee