We offer installation and sale service for both civil and industrial automations, in step with the new guidelines.

For people who would like to automate the accesses of their company, hotel or house, Easy Tech offers this solutions.

Automazione cancelli e garage

Gate and garage automations

The engines for swing gates are different for size and weight to move, in addition to aesthetics. That’s why we install and sell both underground engines and linear motors. We also install and sell engines for sliding gates, adapting them for every weight and size. In addition, we install and sell automations for garages, such as: garage doors, shutters, etc.

Automazione porte automatiche

Automatic door automation

We install and sell automations for pedestrian sliding automatic doors, satisfying needs about big flows of people, with automations for a high-speed opening and with TUV validations. Furthermore, we install and sell moving systems for internal doors, for house or office locations.

Industrial closing automation

We offer several solutions for installation and sale of industrial closing systems; this kind of automations are characterized by high-quality materials to guarantee an intensive and long-lasting use.

Automazione chiusure industriali

Flexible Doors automation:

this kind of automation has a great thermal insulation and it is sound-proof, it can be quickly crossed, ideal for an intensive use. Recommended for every kind of usage.

Sectional doors automation:

this kind of automation is normally used for warehouse doors, because it is sound-proof and it has a good insulation from atmospheric agents.

Hinged doors automation:

ideal for wide spaces, to guarantee reliability, security and functionality.