We, as Easy Tech, install and supply scalable solutions for eco-save buildings, with a qualified partner such as SENSUS MI

We offer scalable solutions to keep optimizing buildings, thanks to a centralized platform that analizes data, givig information for set priority for maintenance works. Through an intelligent supervisor and through integration of systems already there, it allows eco-safe and maintenance saving, and also a better reliability of machines and lower environmental impact on every building.

Risparmio energetico


Our solution is completely scalable for eco-saving buildings, through the efficiency maximization of the present mechanical-installation systems. Supported by several successes in the American and European market, it can offer an automated solution that analyzes billions of data so that it can transform static information in “dynamic decisional processes”. Through real-time identification and measurement about the impact of the malfunctions and giving priorities to the corrective actions.


  • it reduces the energetic cost and cuts down the CO2 emission;
  • it Extends the life of the system;
  • it Increases the efficiency of the maintenance;
  • it Improves confort in buildings of every kind and size.

Energy Management

Energy Management solution

The Energy Management solution of the SENSUS MI platform gives valid analysis instruments and an interface, that allows rapidly the identification of the abnormal energetic behavior and the consequent opportunities for a better efficiency. Furthermore, there is the possibility of real-time implementing corrective actions, so that we can intervene when there is the anomaly and obtain the related eco-save.