Access Control

Controllo Accessi

We propose several integrated systems for access control, with the help of applications for checking and managing several devices and entries.

We also propose access control wireless systems through the implementation of digital closing systems.

Applicativi per la gestione di parcheggi

Applications for managing parking lots

Our systems are able to automatically manage parking lots, also multilevel, both free and with fee, public and private, and to automatically manage tickets and the parking areas of the vehicles.

Our parking managing system is composed of:

  • entry and exit columns for tickets and transponder reading
  • entry and exit bars and underground turns
  • hand and automatic pay stations

Our parking lot systems can be installed in every situation, such as: private citizens, companies, airports, military facilities, hotels and B&Bs.

Applicativi per la gestione del Telepass
“Telepass” managing applications

Our parking lot managing systems can manage other users or systems like “Telepass”. The subscriptions can be detailed by the manager as necessary.

Rilevazione presenze

Presence detector

As presence detectors, we propose several applications for real-time managing the clocking in, such as:

  • magnetic badge reader
  • proximity badge reader
  • biometric readers

they can be integrated by personnel managing systems, through specific software that can file every data

Easy Tech offers the possibility of detectoring and managing:

  • fuel
  • entries
  • production

Furthermore, Easy Tech uses standalone technologies, a server/client architecture with RFID transponder, MIFARE, etc.