A video camera that identifies family members

It won 4 prestigious prizes of the Ces Innovations Awards 2015 in the following categories: Smart home, Home Appliances, Digital Imaging and Tech for a better World.

Welcome has been introduced at the Ces 2015, the biggest electronic kermesse.
The Ces, Consumer Electronic Show, is the biggest convention in the world about consumer electronics, and it was in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the first part of the year. Here the Welcome video camera has been officially introduced; its characteristic is to be a smart video camera, because it can identify all the family members, thanks to facial identification technology.

But let’s see how it works in details this innovative video camera. Welcome sends the names of the people it sees directly to a smartphone of the user, previously linked, so that it can notice if it sees unknown faces. In this way you can know immediately who is at home, increasing the security level of the house and of your family.

Welcome is made by the French company “Netatmo” and it will be available since June 2015 at a price between € 200,00 and € 250,00.